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Synthetic rubber raw materials:Hypalon

Synthetic rubber raw materials:Hypalon
Product Detailed

Our company produces Hypalon 40 and Hypalon 45 in China ,as one leading manufactures .

CSM 40:
a kind of good rubber raw material,can be used in many area which regarding rubber.

CSM 40:

(also named.CSPE.CSP.hypalon ): 



TYPEQualityVolatile matter ChlorineSulfurMooney viscosityTensile strengthElongationFunction
40High Grade1. 033-370.8-1.241-6025. 0450AUTO HOSE,SPECIAL HOSE,SEAL,OIL SEAL,Wire/Cable,Fixed rubber,Special rubberized fabric ect.  
First Grade1. 5
Acceptable Grade2. 0



Feature of CSM:

CSM is a kind of white and light yellow elasomer,which has the similarity of rubber and its own features:it can dissolve in Aerne and chlorohydrocarbon,while it just can swell but not dissolve in ketore and vulcan.The chemical structure of CSM is completely saturated,thats why it has the feature of Ozone resistance,weather resistance,chemical resistance,oil resistance,shock resistance,ions irradiation resistance colour stability,in addition,it has physical and mechanical properties,heat-proof aging,good heat-resistance,lower temperature resistance,anti flarming ,wear resistance and good electric insulation,and so on.


Usage of CSM:

CSM is widely used in rubber products,corrosion resistant coatingand lining,specified cable of kinds of engines,mine cable,insulating layer of marine cable,blend compound,and car rubber tube.


CSM is a kind of frequently-used special rubber,widely used in wire cable, water-proof roll, and automobile industry.The anticorrosivepaint mainly made of CSM is widely used,.

CSM is widely used in automobile industry in many  countries.As the process of domestication of auto parts in China,CSM has a huge potential consumption in automobile industry.


CSM is used to make tube,conveyor belt,and sealing with special performance. When manufacturing CSM fluoro rubber layer ,if add some superoxide,,the peel strength of the laminates can be greatly improved, which is applied to tube and can to delivery and keep fuel oil.


When blending CSM and rubbber,their character will change.If mix CSM with FPM,it can improve the processability.If mix CSM with EPR,it can change the physical and mechanical properties and thermophysical property of vulcanixed rubber.If put CSM in EVA polymer,and mix them with polyisoprene rubber,it will be slip resistant ,wear resistant and grease proof.The CSM PVC and PU mixed in the extruder can be vulcanized ,and the grease proof ,Ozone proof vulcanized rubber can be made.

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