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Synthetic rubber CSM

Synthetic rubber CSM
Product Detailed

light yellow. we have advantage of After-sale. We hired an engineer that have 30 years experiences in rubber insustry.

used in automotive hose, hose, rubber compound, special rubber rollers, seals, wire and cable, anti-corrosion coatings,etc

I, The quality objectives of HongRun

The passing rate:99%The first class rate: 96%The Non-conformance rate:1%


II, The quality policy of Hong Run

Our goods meet and surpass clients’ quality standard requirements.We constantly perfect our production quality management system, and ensure meeting requirements of ISO9001:2008. Besides, we continually improve our management system, intercommunicate and interact with customers to enhancing the customer’s satisfaction. We build the quality guarantee requirements with supplier between us, so we ensure that our supplier would be able to implement by each quality guarantee requirement as well as taking responsible for it.

Name of product-chlorosulfonated Polyethylene

Short name of product-CSM, hypalon

Character of product-As a top leader in the line of rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber has unique functions of anti-aging, heat resistance, flame resistance. Especially its’ weather resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance which are unmatched by any other rubber, in another word, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber could meet more rigor requirements.

CSM is a kind of white material which turns to light yellow or brown tasteless evenly rubber-shape, and it has the mutual character with rubber which also has its own property. It is soluble in aromatic and chlorine hydrocarbons. It is hardly insoluble in ketones, lipids, and cyclic hydrocarbons. It is non-insoluble in water, alcohol and mineral oil, vegetable oil etc. It is non-toxic, non-explosive, open flame burning, auto-extinction after remove. Usage of product-The product with different brands have different usage in the general areas, a variety of automotive hose, soft hose, rubber compound, special rubber rollers, seals, wire and cable, anti-corrosion coatings, waterproofing membranes, specialty tapes, adhesives and other special rubber products.

It has excellent ozone resistance, resistance to atmospheric aging, chemical resistance, better physical mechanical, thermal aging resistance and low temperature resistance (-20 °C -120 °C), oil resistance, flame resistance, abrasion resistance and electrical insulation etc.

Packaging, storage and precaution tips-This product is polyethylene woven bag, net weight 25kg per bag. Storage should be kept clean, dry, cool place. The goods’ transportation should prevent rain, exposure, prohibit items mixed with pollution transport. This product does not belong to dangerous goods. The storage period of years is two years.

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Chloride %



Mooney viscosity ML1+4,100°C

Tensile strength   MPa≥










40 type


















Type 3304














Every kind of automotive hose, special hose,seal, oil seal products,wire and cable,rubber compound,special rubber roller,special tape  and special rubber products













45 type






















0.8~ 1.2






















Magnetic rubber, radiation shield, high hardness products, floor adhesive, waterproofing roof seal, rubber rollers, specialty tapes, waterproofing membranes  and other special rubber products.





20 type













1.3~ 1.7











Rubber cement, adhesives, tape products, soft material     coating.  natural rubber modification,synthetic rubber and some rubber products, etc.




30 type













0.8~ 1.2











Hard material coating, adhesives, outdoor architectural coating, anti-corrosion lining of chemical facilities, chemical equipment and pipelines, etc.

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